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Selected Town Board Minutes
Town Board Minutes
Sep 12, 2012

Town of Lynne

September 12, 2012 Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes


Chairperson Dave Schatzley called the Regular Monthly Meeting, held at the Lynne Town Hall at 5102 Willow Road, Tripoli, Wisconsin to order at 6:00 p.m. pursuant to 8 notices being posted. Present were Supervisors Jeff Viegut and Lloyd Strasburg.

Meeting called to order.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Public Notices were properly posted.

Clerk’s Report

·August 8th Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes will be read at the October Meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

·Town of Lynne General Account; no corrections deemed necessary. (August)

·WRVFD Operating Account; no corrections deemed necessary. (August)

Fire Department Report

·No Calls.

Emergency Medical Responders Report

·No Calls.

Road Maintenance Report

·Mowing has been started on Willow Road.

·Corners and Intersections have been swept.

·Indian Village Road is close to being done.

·McNaughton Crew might not be here at all this year.

·Railroad Ties and Wood Chips have been placed around our outside sign by the road.

·Motion made by Lloyd Strasburg; Seconded by Jeff Viegut to accept the list of roads to be graveled..

Snow-Plowing 2012-2013

·Motion made by Dave Schatzley; Seconded by Jeff Viegut to again offer drive-way snow-plowing to the town residents with no changes being made. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.




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Announcements and Discussion Items

·Presentation was made by Mary Czaja running for 35th District Assembly (Republican).

 Approval to Pay Claims

·Motion made by Dave Schatzley to pay claims as presented; Seconded by Lloyd Strasburg  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY. 

Approval of Correspondence as Read

·   Motion made by Dave Schatzley to approve correspondence as read; Seconded by Lloyd Strasburg.      




With no further business to come before the Board, motion made by Dave Schatzley to

Adjourn; Seconded by Jeff Viegut. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.






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